Why I had No interest In Staying Single

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As a young man I often heard people say "Test out the market!", "Have a bit of fun!", "Live the single life!" however this common outlook on life never sat well with me. Remaining single until my late 20's, 30's or even my 40's was never something that sounded too appealing to me. In fact I found that my views were quite the opposite. Here are a few reasons that cemented my desire to pursue a long term relationship sooner rather than later.  

I Wanted To Give The Best Of Me

Generally, when you enter a long term, loving, relationship you are basically saying "this is my life and I want to share it with you". So it's only fair that we share the very best of ourself with the one we love! Our youth is packed with ambition, vigour and a pliable mind. All great advantages when trying to merge two paths into one. As we all know, it's extremely hard to bend an old tree that is not only set in it's ways but neglects to see the purpose in making changes. 

It appears quite selfish to intentionally prepare to share the decay of life with someone in hope that they will be there to look after you. The idea of being young enough to create a life and realise tones of new experiences to look back on, appears much more appealing than spending it with countless women I'd rather forget.


There's Nothing Manly About Being Single Minded

For the most part, as a child we were afforded the benefit of focusing on ourself as our number one priority, whilst our parents took care of our needs. So it's not hard to see why many of us step into adulthood with a sole desire to take care of ourself with a high fixation on our current needs. Quotes like "live fast, die young" come to mind. The Neverland experience we often crave from the moment, has a way of stunting our growth, leaving us with a nauseating feeling of anxiety. This feeling is typically blocked by increasing the speed of our fast pace lifestyle.

Whilst the single life can perpetuate a singular mindset, being in a committed relationship can have the opposite effect if you're ready to be stretched! For men in particular, long term relationships really do develop character, broaden your shoulders through an increased level of responsibility and will hopefully introduce the concept of interdependency as you learn to function together as a unit. All skills that keep us evolving further into manhood as we position ourself to cater to the needs of the ones we love.


I Had No Aspiration To Be Single

Being single certainly does have its benefits and I think experiencing a period of singleness is essential to personal growth, should you aim to get to know yourself and develop yourself to become of benefit to someone else.  

It was always one of my aspirations to be a good husband and have a family of my own to lead, serve and enjoy. So whilst I knew that singleness would be a much needed experience, I was also very eager to utilise my singleness as a time of preparation as oppose to a place of residency or a badge of honour. There are many guys who feel empowered by their singleness, enjoy the reception that comes with being a bachelor or see it as a time to build their own name independently.

I personally believe most humans perform better as part of a complimentary team. Functioning as part of a loving family or couple can even add a few more years onto your life, which is a great health benefit!



How do view singleness? Do you love the bachelor lifestyle?

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