Things Children Learn From Their Parent's Relationship | Fatherhood Series Ep.8

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Children are brilliant at assessing their environment and learning from the people within it. From repeating the words that come out of our mouths to copying our actions, children use our every move and our words to form a template for how they should behave.  

In this episode of the Fatherhood Series, father of 8 Clint Jordan and father of 3 Clinton Jordan share their very intentional approach to communicating the message they would like to portray to their children through the relationships they have with their wives. 

When we think about it, it's quite common to hear adults talk about why they have a compelling desire to either settle down with a partner and have kids or choose to run as far away for the nuclear family as possible. It's usually no surprise that our reasoning for these decisions are largely based on how we interpreted our parent's relationship.

With that in mind here are a few ways we can become more intentional about the message we want our children to receive from our relationships.

  1. Make sure the positives outweigh the negatives. 

    Whilst your children won't understand everything about the relationship you have with their mother, what they see will set the tone for your child's future relationships. Be conscious of the positive and negative interactions you make visible to your children. No relationship is perfect so it would very unrealistic to portray a beautiful lie for the sake of your children, however it is important that children do witness apologies, forgiveness and reconciliation so that they are aware of how problems are resolved and how to move forward.

  1. Find something good to say!

    Encourage your partner or the mother of your child in public and in private. Recognise progress and celebrate it. Encouraging each other teaches children not only how to receive encouragement but also how to be of encouragement to others who need it.  

  1. Keep love at the core.

    Your children will witness the ups and downs within the relationship you have with their mother, however if they know that love is the unbreakable cord that runs through all the challenges that you may face they will feel a lot more secure watching you go through all the phases of your relationship.



What have your children been able to learn from your relationship as parents? 

What lesson can be taught to our children out of the bad stuff in our relationships and how? 

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