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Dinner dates, fancy restaurants, back row of the cinemas and hotels... surely there's more to dating then this? Turns out there is! I was talking with a brother of mine and he was telling me about this concept called "alphabet dating"! My first response was "What the heck is an alphabet date? Dating women in alphabetical order?" But soon after he explained I had wondered why I was only hearing about this for the first time now! So! I thought I'd introduce a few idea's of my own to help you... (ME!) keep it fresh when it comes to spending time with the one you love.

Here's how the alphabet dates work. This is a team effort so you and the Mrs can take it in turns to plan your dates. Simply work your way through the alphabet and let the letter inspire your activity. It's good fun because it allows you to always keep things fresh and you get to experience new things together. Win win!

So here goes! Alphabet Dating from A-Z:


A – Go to the Arcade. Book Archery lessons. Visit an Aquarium. Enjoy a afternoon at an Art Gallery


B – Go to a Bar. Jump on a Boat Ride. Go Bowling. Do Brunch. Make your own beer at a Brewery.


C – Go to a Concert. Watch a live Comedy performance. Camp out for the night. Visit a Circus. Book a short Cruise.


D – Go out for Dinner. Have you just Desserts. Go on a driving experience. Go dancing (salsa is fun).


E – Stay in or go to a gym and Exercise together. Treat each other to an Exotic night in. Go Exploring somewhere new. Get engaged?


F – Watch a Film. Visit your local Farm. Go to a festival. Try your hand at Fishing.


G – Host a Games Night. Go Glamping, Go Karting or crazy Golf.


H – Book a Helicopter tour. Go Hiking, Horseback Riding or try some Humanitarian work.


I – Go Ice Skating. Vist an Ice Cream bar. Get lost in Ikea.


J – Visit a Jazz venue. Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle. Go Jet skiing or dip into a jacuzzi.


K – Get involved a you local Karaoke night. Go Kite Flying or even Kayaking.


L – Take a Lunch break together. Get some Lessons (cooking, dancing painting).


M – Set up your own out door Movies (projector is required). Give a Massage. Find a Medieval themed Festival. Visit your local Museum or go to a Musical.


N – Go for a Night time walk. Chill out in Nando's. How about Netflix and chill?


O – Watch an Opera. Eat and talk Outdoors. Sit by the Ocean.


P – Have a Picnic. Watch a Play. Throw/host a Party (or crash one). Go to the Park or write each other poems.


Q – Go Quad biking. Have a Quickie. Arrange a couples Quiz night.


R – Go on a unplanned Road Trip. Start roller Skating. Random Act of Kindness. Go on a Roller coasters. Try indoor Rock Climbing.


S – Go to a Spa. Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Stargaze. Book a Staycation. Go to a Shooting Range. Wake up and get a good view Sunrise (or Sunset), Striptease. Ride away on some segways.


T – Play Trivia. Go for some Tacos. Go to the Theatre. Visit a Theme Park. Play a game of Tennis.


U – Go Underwater (that could just be in the bath). Underground tour. USA-themed dinner (All Stars, FIVE GUYS and TGI Friday's are all winners).


V – Go on a Vacation. Volunteer your time. Visit a Vineyard. Put out a Vlog.


W – Walking Tour, Wine Tasting, Whisky Tasting or visit the Woods.


X – Xtreme Sports... That's it..... That's all I got!!! lol!!!


Y – Hold a Yard Sale. Start a YouTube channel. Jump on a Yacht or just say Yes to everything for the day.


Z – Visit the Zoo. Try Zip-lining. Get scared by Zombies on a Walking Dead Tour.


Feel inspired by our suggestions or did we miss anything out? Feel free to share your own below the article.


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