Preparing Sons For Adulthood | Fatherhood Series 1 Ep.3

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In this episode of the Fatherhood Series, brothers Ashton Jordan and Louis Jordan share how their father played an active role in preparing them for adulthood.

Here are 7 pieces of advice both Ashton and Louis heard frequently whilst growing up, in preparation for adulthood.

  1. In life you'll need to work hard.
  2. Nothing is free.
  3. Always be consistent.
  4. Always be disciplined.
  5. Always be respectful.
  6. You must always have a routine.
  7. Be a man of order.

Whilst these words may be easy instructions to hand out, in this episode Clint takes the time to explain how his journey into fatherhood helped to form this outlook on life and subsequently lead him to pass down this information to his children.



How has your life, affected the way you prepare your children for adulthood?

What has been the result of embracing or rejecting your father's example in adulthood?

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