Nurturing Sons From Childhood To Manhood | Fatherhood Series Ep.11

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Our boys are the next generation of men. So how are we preparing them to take care of themselves and the world around them?

Someone once said "Responsibility is the thing people dread most of all. yet it is the one thing in the world that develops us and broadens our shoulders."

If we have visions of providing a foundation for our children to build on or expect them to stand on our shoulders and excel beyond us, we'll need to consider how we develop and equip them to achieve this.

If we opt not to actively nurture the development of our children, they may never reach a full sense of independency and may seek to latch onto us for an extended period of time. They may even seek out others to inevitably look after them and become a burden to someone else.

In this episode of the Fatherhood Series, Father of eight Clint Jordan and son Louis Jordan talk about how their relationship continues to develop as Louis grows into manhood.

Based on the experiences and insight shared within this episode, here are ways you can effectively prepare and nurture your son through their transition from childhood to manhood.

Vary Your Forms Of Communication As Your Children Grow Older

This type of adaptability can strengthen the relationship you have with your child as you give them more opportunities to reflect, reason and take responsibility for their decisions.

  1. Verbal Communication Talk face to face, phone calls, email or video chat.

  2. Visual Communication Utilise visual aids, illustrations or modern resources.

  3. Kinetic communication Communicate through practical activities, use Body Language or respond with the power of your facial expressions.

Give Your Child The Opportunity To "Allow" You

  1. Give your children room to make their own mistakes and come to their own conclusions.

  2. Stand back enough to give them space to explore and discover, yet be close enough to be there when they need your guidance.

  3. Validate their voice. Ask for your child's opinion in their area of expertise. Banter and debate with your child, find out what they believe and why. Teach your child to reason and think critically

Empower Your Child

  1. Present your child with opportunities to challenge you respectfully. They will understand their limits but appreciate the extension of their boundaries. The challenge could be intellectual or competitive, physical activity.

  2. Let your child know what they are doing right.

  3. Raise your expectation. Children look at their parent's expectation of them as an indication of what they could be capable of. Set the bar higher as your children grow older, expect them to achieve the standard you have set and give them the opportunity to explore the real limits of their capability.

As soon a boy enters adolescence he will naturally feel the need to prove himself as he encounters various forms of peer pressure and bodily changes. If a boy feels alone, isolated or excluded during this phase of his life he could be driven away from his father and into the arms of men who may not have his best interest at heart.

As your child grows, try to be adaptable. Giving them the freedom to explore their independence within the safety of your love.



What other ways can fathers nurture their sons from childhood to manhood?

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