5 Ways To Upgrade Your Thinking Today

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Our mindset often dictates the boundaries put in place to create great restraints on our thinking. How we think and perceive the world impacts our thought and actions, and can either decrease or increase our ability to rise to a particular challenge. Let’s look at a few challenging ways to unlock and open our minds to an endless stream of possibilities, by simply upgrading our thinking to kick start every day.



Take The Limits Off The Underdog

Whilst it's great to be a source of help or inspiration to others, there's only so long you can successfully maintain this position without becoming drained, frustrated or overwhelmed. Every now and then our creative juices dry up and it helps to have people around us who can pour a little fuel back into our tank to get us back on the road again. I can almost guarantee there's a shed load of people, things and spaces around you that have the potential to inspire, encourage and teach you something new. All you need to do is simply allow them to empower you. Take the limits off the underdog and be open to the fact that the message you need, could come in any shape or form. Even a child could say the most profound things. I sometimes find myself being given wise words of wisdom from my 6-year-old daughter. That missing piece to your puzzle could be handed to you in the most simplest way from the most unsuspecting source. So! Make those who are in positions above and below you feel valued. Let them know when they have said something that has resonated with you, and create a conducive environment for replenishment. If you believe that people, things or places can be used to inspire you, you'll begin to look a little deeper, listen more keenly and identify the answers that stare you in the face each day.



Be Curious

Some people are naturally curious however most of us are not. There's an increasing temptation to just accept things the way they are, and use phrases like, "that's just the way it is" to pacify the mind. There can also be a mild sense of fear about asking too many questions. The answer may reveal the part you play in providing the solution, and you may not feel quite ready to start thinking about that level of responsibility or commitment at this point. If we were to think about curiosity as a path of discovery rather than a Pandora's box, it will become quite a transformational journey of growth. So ask yourself lots of questions. Look for answers and experiment with ideas. You may even want to try inverting your thinking! Play devil's advocate and always challenge what you believe through an opposing lens.



Challenge Yourself

Routines are great for stability, but without review, they can quickly switch your mind to autopilot. This year why not try switching things up a little. Surprise yourself! Try taking a different route to work, find new innovative ways of saving or even making yourself a bit of money. Maybe even write a chapter of that book you've been meaning to write. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge your daily thinking.



Upgrade Yourself

Technology seems to be constantly moving forward. If you like keeping up with it all, upgrades are essential. Apple are always thinking up new ways to upgrade the iPhone and with all these new mod-cons whizzing around us it's amazing to think how rusty we are in comparison. Upgrade simply means to 'rise to a higher standard by adding or replacing components'. Whilst it's great to be sturdy, consistent and dependable, it's also very easy to feel extinct when your environment starts to require something new. Shed the weight of your knowledge and experience, and replace those components with something new! Start scouting for your successor, give away some of those old tools to someone who will enjoy making good use of them or share a few of your personal life lessons to help advance someone else's journey and create space for new experiences.




Rushing around on half a battery of energy can make us feel busier than we need to be. Spending two hours half asleep in front of the TV at night trying to convince ourselves that we're not tired doesn't help either. Why not decide to claw back those miscellaneous hours and grab an early nights sleep, re-energise yourself for the week and see if you notice the difference if any. Good quality sleep can improve daytime performance, increase the brain's ability to process challenges and slows down the impact of ageing, aka keeps us looking dashing! Lol! No, seriously! Sleep produces human growth hormones (hgH) which help to regenerate our bones, muscles and others tissues, so drink a lot of water. Maybe even try downloading a sleep monitoring app, but remember to recharge.



Although Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, he still makes it his priority to train, upgrade and develop his skills and abilities, in order to make sure he is always at the top of his game. Whether you're the kind of guy who wants to push boundaries or you simply want to continue to have a fresh approach to each day, being intentional about your thinking and how you challenge your thoughts for the benefit of growth, is an essential part of upgrading your thinking. If the iPhone is forever receiving iOS upgrades in order to facilitate the demands of our human needs, then maybe it's not such a bad idea for us to think about other ways we could be upgrading ourselves to facilitate some of the ever increasing functions required of us in our day to day lives.



What other methods have you heard or used yourself to upgrade yourself and your thinking? I would love to hear from you.


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