Investing In Your Children | Fatherhood Series Ep.9

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There's nothing more rewarding than seeing your child excel in something they enjoy and there's nothing more frustrating than knowing your child has bags of potential but appears to show a lack of interest for everything!

For many of us we tend to make the fatal mistake of passively engaging with our children whilst watching and waiting to see who they will become and what they're going to be interested in.

Why is this is this a fatal mistake? Well, children spend the first 7 years of their life craving for new things to learn and discover to help develop their capabilities and strengthen their quest for independence. These moments are a great window of opportunity to introduce creative activities, not only as a means of fun but as a bridge to helping your children learn key skills such as problem solving, decision making, persistence and self discipline. These are skills that your children can learn in a fun, safe, environment that can encourage a positive attitude towards the learning and development of their character whilst giving them the confidence to explore other things they may be good at.

We don't often think twice about assisting our babies in their quest to walk, feed them self or tie their own laces but we can often be guilty of ignoring their need to explore their personal talents and interests. Providing opportunities for children to discover what they are good at can really begin to instil a sense of purpose and direction within your child which could lead them into a career of their choice and a life of fulfilment. When we choose not to nurture our children in these essential areas we can find that they grow up with a inner need to rebel or a desire to escape, in what can be a lonely pursuit of purpose and fulfilment later in their adult life. 

Children need our insight, hindsight and foresight to provide them with the opportunities and environments they need to keep them engaged, excited and proactive about their own development. You don't have to be a professional pianist, footballer or artist to get your child started. You may need to play the part of you child's personal facilitator and cheerleader. However you get involved, your role will be an active part and your investment of time and finances will be worth it's weight in gold.

In this episode of the fatherhood series we see father of 8 Clint Jordan and Father of 3 Clinton Jordan share their personal experience and views on investing time and finances into the interests of their children.

Here are 3 ways to proactively invest in your child's interests. 

1. Give Your Child An Option Of Things To Be Interested In

If your child hasn't found his or her interests as yet then now's the perfect opportunity to help them find it. Creating an environment that plays to their strengths or even develops their weaknesses can get your child interested in the opportunity to better them self and show off their progress.

2. Let Your Child Believe They Have Discovered Their Own Interests

Allowing a child the space to think that they came up with their own interests all by them self is the greatest way to attach a sense of personal achievement and can create a deeper connection with the child and their new found interest.

3. Investing Is Not All About Money

It's more about the tools shared, tips and time spent in growing and cultivating your child's interests into a passion that one day, may well end up being something much more than just a hobby and provide a good yield for that child to utilise in the future.



What age should you start investing in your child?

What methods would you use when helping your child discover and fulfil their interests?

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