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There is a common saying that says "The greatest thing a father can do for his child is to love their mother". Why is this one act so important I hear you say! Well a child's father sets the first example of what it means to be a man and illustrates through his actions how a woman of high significances should be treated.

If a father is not present in the life of his child is he really absent? I would say no, an absent father is still very much a child's first example of what it means to be a man. In his absence he communicates how much he values the fatherhood role and in some cases a father's voluntary absence can demonstrate that men love with a lack of responsibility, commitment and an emotional detachment to the needs of their children.

When a father loves and respects the mother of his children he begins model a few key principles.

  1. He models what love looks like.
  2. He models how the woman you love ought to be treated.
  3. He will shape a child's expectations of a mans role within a relationship.
  4. A father's relationship with the mother of his children will act as an advertisement for future long term relationships and will either inspire or repel them from committed relationships in their adult life.

In this episode of the Fatherhood Series, Ashton Jordan shares how his father influenced his outlook and approach to relationships.

Ashton's experience provides great insight into impactful ways we can live our life with the intention of influencing our child's approach to relationships in a positive way.

Here are 3 ways we can intentionally influence our son's view on relationships.

  1. Communicate a high value for your partner by being faithful and committed in your relationships. This can highlight the true worth of a woman and expel the idea of treating women like disposable objects.
  2. Illustrate characteristics such as discipline and self control through your sincere devotion and commitment to your partner in both good and bad times. Portray what a well balanced man should look like.
  3. Share your relationship journey and inspire your children. A combination of your story and insight will add context to what your child have witnessed and loves a good back story!



How else can we better influence our child's approach to relationships?

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