How Children Change Relationships | Fatherhood Series 1 Ep.6

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In this Fatherhood episode father of 3 Clinton Jordan shares how having children changed his relationship with his wife. 

Whilst we know children will ultimately change the relationship we have with our partner, we can use this insight to help focus our efforts on ensuring that our response to these changes are geared towards excelling the relationship we currently have with our partner. 

  1. Strong communication between you and your partner is key. Children will preoccupy your time and will attempt to play you off against each other to get what they want.
  2. Be united in your decision making. Single minded thinking will drive you away from your partner and children.
  3. Readdress yourself. A mother and child bond can make you feel like you are on the outside looking in. Use this period isolation as an opportunity to readdress how you fit into the family unit as a father and partner to support the growth of your relationship.



How has the relationship with the mother of your child changed since having children?

What steps can you take to develop the personal relationship you have with your child's mother?

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