How Becoming a First Time Dad Will Change Your Life | Fatherhood Series 1 Ep.1

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Father Clint Jordan and son Clinton Jordan share their experience of how becoming a dad for the first time changed their life.

If you're a first time dad wondering what to expect or how to prepare for this life changing experience, here are a few things you should be aware of.

  1. Sleep will become valuable.
  2. Becoming a dad will focus your attention.
  3. The needs of your child will outweigh the needs of you and your partner.
  4. You'll become a life support mechanism for your child.
  5. The way you choose to respond, teach and train your first child will form a template for your future children.
  6. Fatherhood will centre your life around challenges and opportunities that aim to develop your acts to be selfless.
  7. You will never be priority number one again.

The level of responsibility may sound daunting but you are definitely built for the job and you'll be surprised how natural your transition into fatherhood will seem once you decide to make a mental commitment to do your absolute best to be a present father for your child.



How did your first child change you?

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