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I remember playing on my PlayStation for hours on end when I was a young teen, however we are now living in an era where the license to play is not only being over used but also extended in to adulthood.

The world of gaming has evolved from the pixelated world of "Sonic The Hedge Hog" and Mario brothers to something that is far more life-like allowing gamers to blur the lines as to what is reality and what is not. Gaming nowadays can make you feel like you're really apart of the game, sucking you into a world that essentially revolves solely around you whilst separating you from the things that really matter in reality.

In this episode of the Fatherhood series, father of 3 Clinton Jordan shares his gaming experience as a child and how he believes gaming and family should work together.

Here are a few things parents may want to consider when managing a child's gaming experience.

Manage Their Game Time

This will maintain a child's equilibrium between the virtual and the real world. If left to their own devices they will not be able to balance their gaming and educational experiences appropriately.

Know What They're Playing

Rule of thumb is, if it says 18's and over then its a good idea to stick to that. There's a great need for parents to be informed as to the type of games your child could be playing. Some games have the ability to isolate and draw children into a dark world and in some cases this can have a devastating effect on their ability to integrate into the reality they live in.

Encourage Outdoor Play

Gaming is bigger than just sitting at a computer. Whilst millions of children spend hundreds, and in some cases thousands of hours enjoying the opportunity of playing along side their favourite sports professionals from the comfort of their own homes, it should always be our duty to ensure that our child's sporting experience is primarily centred around physical activity. Outdoor sports and exercise can be fun, healthy and enhances your child's character and mindset.

Make It A Family Experience

Gaming can cause a separation by isolating your child from the rest of the family. Creating boundaries by simply restricting TV's and game consoles to family areas within the house can turn your child's gaming experience from a dark, solitary pursuit into a positive, fun interaction for your child and the rest of the family.



Can a healthy gaming experience be achieved in the home and if so what boundaries do you put in place to create that environment?

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