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Launched in 2013, is a dynamic Men's lifestyle network that serves monthly readers across the U.S, U.K and around the world. We are about connecting real people, real knowledge and sharing real journeys. is fully powered by men who are self-motivated independent contributors. Each contributor is able to express through words and photos a deep expertise in a topic of their Manhood, Relationships/Marriage, Parenting, Fatherhood, Health and Wealth. Their knowledge is enhanced by a viewpoint unique to their experiences and oftentimes, their location.

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- You are a credible, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert
- Even if you’re not a professional writer, you feel ready to write interesting articles about your topic in the third person
- You are willing to provide timely, accurate and fair information with proper attribution of your sources as appropriate
- You are willing to contribute a minimum of 1 article a month or on a more regular basis to build and keep your audience
- You are interested in creating the highest quality articles possible and are open to feedback if it is provided

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- Exposure: Build your readership with visibility on, our mobile site and through various website partnerships
- Platform: Publishing through our website allows you to take advantage of our built-in Search Engine Optimization and social marketing tools
- Compensation: We do not offer any financial compensation at this point in time however all your work will be linked back to you through twitter, facebook or even your own personal site
- Resources: Men And Marriage Support will be available to help you improve your writing, technical and marketing skills
- Humans: We have a great team based in the United Kingdom, who are available to offer feedback, answer your questions and welcome you to our community of independent contributors

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