Calling Another Man Dad | Fatherhood Series Ep.7

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Whilst some guys call another man dad as a sign of respect, there are others who reserve that name for older men who have either played an influential role in their life or often exhibit characteristics that can be associated with their own fathers.

In episode 7 of our first Fatherhood Series, brothers Ashton Jordan and Louis Jordan share their personal views on calling another man dad.

Though very seldom vocalised, this can be a very touchy subject for fathers. Insecurities within us can keep our minds focused on the smallest of comparisons and paint pictures of hero rivalries. However once we take a moment to let go of our pride and continue to maintain a clear example of a father's love and guidance, we can find our self in a much better position to extract the positives out of this new revelation (hearing your child call another man dad).

  1. Your child is using your example as the measuring stick for all other men.
  2. It's perfectly healthy for children to not only be able to respect others, but have the ability to extend a similar level of appreciation and recognition for another man who is willing to embrace your child as their own.
  3. A committed father figure can enhance the fatherhood experience for your child by providing additional needs that may extend beyond your capability or the basic provisional needs you are currently supplying for your child.
  4. You will always be number one! As long as you remain devoted to being a consistent presence within the life of your child, fulfilling your role to the best of your ability; all other influential male figures in your child's life will come second to you.

It's a great feeling to believe we could possibly be all things to all people, however I find the reality of knowing that the most influential people in your child's life are collectively catering to the growing needs of your child is far more encouraging.



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