3 reasons why I got married young

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The most frequently asked question I receive when ever someone asks about my marriage is "Why did you get married so young?"

To me it just made perfect sense. If you have found someone that you want to do life with and also create life with, then I don't see the point in wasting time. Here's the thing; if you know that you've found the right woman, it makes no logical sense to wait until you've hit the 'average age bracket' that most couples get married!

Before I had even met my wife I already knew that I was very open to settling down very early in life, largely because of these influencing factors.

A Solid Example Had Been Set Before Me

I grew up in a house where my parents had been in a committed marriage well before I came into the world and they are still together till this day.

They tied the knot at the age of 23 and my 2 older brothers also got married at the age of 23. So the trend was set before my eyes. There was no verbal expectation regarding the age I should get married, however we all wanted a relationship like my mother and father's. We also wanted our own childhood sweetheart to share memories of our youth with whilst advocating the pros of a long lasting married life, just as my parents had done for all of us.

We also saw that raising eight children was not easy and definitely took a "man's man" to consistently be the dominant figure in our life, constantly prioritising the needs of the family before his own. I grew up in a house of 5 boys and 3 girls, where the boys had been reared to serve all family members and protect our sisters as my father intentionally instilled in us the need to ensure that our life sort to add value to someone outside of ourself.

It would be naive of me to believe that my upbringing had no influence on my marital decisions. In my early years of adolescence I would say that my intentions were originally based solely on traditions and I was just eager to follow suit. Was that the right motive behind wanting to get married??? Probably not! Did it point me in the right direction and help form a mindset that prepared me in finding someone to settle down with for my own reasons? Absolutely!

She Was Worth The Chase!

After meeting my wife the penny dropped. My wife helped me to see where I needed to up my game. To be honest she made me work hard to get her (this is a trick that a lot of women miss). Just observing the way she thought and went about things, made me start thinking long and hard about my career path, property, children, the lot! I made up my mind and began to get myself into a position that would enable me to step up to my responsibilities and become the man who would show her how committed I was to making an 'honest woman' out of her for the long haul.

She Brought Out The Best In Me

The truth is that the process of having to chase my wife made me grow as a person and brought to surface some of the better qualities and attributes that make up who I am today. Once I began to see myself becoming a better person, my family getting along with her and her ability to bring out new qualities in me, I knew wholeheartedly that this woman was a definite keeper. It was apparent that there was becoming less reason to regard age as a factor as to when I would decide to propose to my (then) girlfriend, as I was ready to make a lifetime commitment there and then.


I think sometimes we can restrict ourselves from making any real commitment to important things in life, in an attempt to prolong what may be the inevitable. In my head it was inevitable that I would get married at some point in my life. I had seen the benefits that a young marriage can bring first hand via the examples set by my parents and elder brothers.

I personally see no reason to put off what can be done today for tomorrow. Yes I got married young, but I knew I was ready to fulfil my role as a caring, loving and providing husband and my wife was the one that I was ready to do that with.

Entering into a long term, committed relationship at the age of 18 which later lead to the start of our marital journey at the age of 21 had absolutely nothing to do with trying to appeal to the status quo. However it had everything to do with our conscious decision to commit our today and forever to loving each other and cultivating what we have together, for the benefit of ourselves and our future family. 


Is there such a thing as a 'good age' to get married? If so what age do you think would be a more appropriate age to marry?

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