14 Ways To Make Her Valentine's Day Memorable

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I have come to the realisation that Valentines day is anything but a one day celebration of love.

In a perfect world it should be at least a whole month of romancing, but lets face it, there aren't too many guys out there that have the overflowing of creativity it takes to instinctively strategize one week of romance, let alone a whole month of wine and dining. If you're one of those guys who can do that, I'd like to hear from you to get a few pointers. On the other hand, if you are currently in a relationship with no plans leading up to Valentines day, my guess is that you may be interested in finding out what you could be doing to create a more memorable Valentine's day experience for your partner.

My wife always tells me that (for her and most other women) it ALL start in the mind. You can't just wake up on the 14th of Feb, turn on the Valentine's day charm and just expect her to get with the program just because of the date. She knows your game, she knows that you haven't put the work in and she knows that you're only after one thing.

So! To avoid disappointing her on a day dedicated to declaring your love, here are 14 ideas you can try out in the run up to the 14th of February that should help you create a thoughtful and memorable Valentine's day not to be forgotten.



1. Make A Playlist

Collate a compilation of all the music that makes you think of her. I can clearly remember some of the music my wife and I used to listen to as we shared earphones and walked through the park. If you want to take it up a gear and go one step further then consider recording your own personal message introducing each song and explaining why you picked it and how it reminds you of her. It's dead simple to do, just use your phone to record your message and add to the playlist to create a great memory that will last for years to come.



2. Make A Love Note Or Card

Off the shelf cards are great if you're in a hurry, however nothing beats such a simple yet thoughtful task of making your own, bespoke, Valentine's day card. Take a trip to your local crafts store and you'll find loads of material to make what ever kind of card you like! It's the token of love that no one in the world will be able to recreate. If you get stuck for ideas then just check out Pinterest.



3. Sneak Away

You don't need to book quick getaway flights in order to whisk her away. Remember it starts in the mind. If you're at a party, a family member's home or where ever, sneak away with her and make out like a bunch of teenagers. Keep it light, fun and most importantly, keep her on her toes.



4. Presence Over Presents

Sometimes the best present you can give her is your uninterrupted time. Clear your schedule and dedicate a whole evening to her and her alone. This takes planning and means that you may need to pop out the night before to make sure you have everything you need to help give her your undivided attention. Cut yourself off from the world, turn off your phones, don’t answer the door and enjoy each other. No interruptions.



5. Send Her On A Treasure Hunt

If you know a bit about what she does in her day then this might be a great opportunity to leave a trail of notes that she can find throughout her day. On the pillow, dinning table, fridge or even in her car or handbag. Leave a trail that will eventually lead her to her treasure. This will help build anticipation and excitement for the plans you have made for that day.



6. Take Her Back To Where It All Started

Re-enact your first dinner date. For me, it took place in a small Pizza restaurant in Kensington, London at the sweet age of 18. Visit the place that reminds your partner of what created that spark in the first place. Show off how thoughtful, attentive and romantic you were and still are. Take her back to that moment where the flame was first lit.



7. Get Physical

Glad I've got your attention but we're not there yet. The kind of 'physical' I'm talking about is the kind you can do in public. Go for a jog, go to an amusement park, maybe a woodland adventure or even have a pillow fight. What ever it is you need to do, just make sure you get physically active. The goal is to get a good flow of endorphins, which is the scientifically proven secret to lifting your moods.



8. Make A Scrapbook

Compile a list of all the times you've exchanged a love note over twitter or Facebook and write them down in a scrapbook. List everything you love about her and stick in some personal memorabilia like first cinema tickets, first picture together or whatever it is that holds sentimental value to you both.



9. Book The Day Off

This year Valentine's day falls on a Saturday but why not make an extended weekend out of it. If you can, try and take either the Monday or Friday off! This will give you a bit more time to spend with your lady and you can either get the wheels in motion early on or even finish late without any fret of having to wake up in time for work in the morning.



10. Surprise Her

Most women appreciate being sent flowers but if that is not within your budget then why not surprise her by actually meeting her on a random day for her lunch (this doesn't have to be on Valentine's day). Treat her to a short dinning break and walk her back to her office as if you were walking her to the front door of her house after a date. Be sure to leave her with a kiss at the door.



11. Declare Your Love

Declare your love, very publicly. I once saw someone on Facebook post a beautiful short video of himself declaring his love for his wife whilst on the train to work. Such a small token but guaranteed to put a smile on her face.



12. Give A Full Body Massage

Be strong because this has to be JUST a massage. Anything more and you'll ruin it. This has to be a selfless act that helps her to relax as she watches the TV or reads a book. Remember, this is the build up to the 14th.



13. Dinner For Two

Make dinner reservations for two at your home address. Either cook a romantic meal or if you can't cook, order food in and serve it up as if it was made with your very own hands. Make the house look a bit fancy and dress up in your finest. Dressing up always makes the occasion feel extra special! Light some candles or why not try setting the mood with some dim fairy lights. This can be a great creative alternative if you don't have dimmers on your home lighting.


14. Play Some Marvin Gaye

Do what comes naturally.... Slowly.



Who says being romantic has to cost the earth. By trying some of these handy tips, hopefully you'll be able to create a romantic experience that will show off your softer side. Some people think that in order to have a great Valentine's day you have to spend a shed load to display your affection. Rather than buying stuff that has been made for the masses why not try putting in a bit of thought, add your own personal touch and make it a unique experience for one.

Create little moments in the run up to Valentine's day and help to prepare her mind for a more memorable 14th of February.



What plans have worked for you in the run up to Valentine's day?

What do you think is completely cliché and should be avoided like the plague?

Add your ideas to this list and share your experiences in the comments box below.
(Happy to hear some views from the ladies on this one) Lets talk!

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